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Feeding the hungry and developing communities. Fighting food insecurity in Pittsburgh was just the beginning. We want to make feeding Peru a little easier.


Why Olla Comun?

After seeing the conditions of these kitchens, our directors wanted to improve them. The smoke-filled rooms, lack of running water and dirt floors were all problems that we knew we could help solve. With each kitchen serving 80-120 neighbors every day, these small improvements could make a lasting and real difference in the lives of the women running them and the families that they serve.

The Standard

The Mission Co aims to bring each of the neighborhood kitchens that we impact to a specific standard. In taking the spaces they are already using and enhancing them with three basic improvements, we can greatly better the conditions of each kitchen. Adding plumbing and running water, stove and exhaust systems and concrete flooring will bring each community's gathering place to a standard that will make a lasting difference to the community.



To bring the community kitchens to “The Mission Co Standard”, each will require the following:

Sink & Piping - $1,000

Stove & Exhaust - $700

Concrete Flooring - $900

Structural Needs - $300

Personnel Expenses - $30/Day

Community Centers

Our long term goal at The Mission Co is to create spaces that will benefit the community. In starting with the kitchens and improvements within them, we can help with the immediate need to nourish the neighbors experiencing food insecurity. Phase two will involve the building of community centers where neighbors can gather together.

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