If you break the word down to “mission” and “-ary,” it becomes easy to understand.  The suffix “-ary” means “connected to, contributing to, for the purpose of”.  Simply put, these men and women have dedicated their lives to furthering Missions.  They may live here in the U.S., they may live overseas, but wherever they are, they are there for the purpose of their Mission!  They raise support, as missionaries, to be able to live and work in the areas they are working in.  

Samuel and Melissa Bardales

Samuel and Melissa have been missionaries for over 8 years now in the country of Peru. Samuel is originally from Lima, Peru and Melissa is from Indiana, USA. They have three kids, Micaiah, Kaeden and Adalyn. After living in Tingo Maria, a city in the jungle of Peru for the first six years as missionaries, they moved to Lima, where they are currently located. Samuel and Melissa’s main passion is seeing people live in the fullness of life that God has for them and they have been fulfilling this through their work with the local church and short-term missions teams. Now, they are now excited to continue doing so as missionaries with The Mission Co.

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Audrey Guzek

Audrey is a life-long Pittsburgher with a passion for the city, surrounding neighborhoods and people. With a B.S. in Developmental Psychology and an M.Ed. in Instruction and Learning, her focus in all areas of work leans into growth, connection and relationship.  She was given a vision for a city connected so tightly that not one person is left behind.   This starts with connecting people to people and sharing love through action. Both Audrey and her husband Nick care deeply about food, creativity and aesthetic comfort.  Their goal is to create atmospheres that enhance community through food, conversation, creation and healthy minds and bodies.

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