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Led By Samuel And Melissa Bardales In Peru. This Mission Is To Further Young Adult Education With Our “Construyendo Bases” Program. Changing The Lives Of Future Generations.


I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word “project,” I think of some things around the house that I may or may not get done this weekend. We want to take a more serious approach to the things that we decide to tackle as an organization. It is truly our “Mission” to see them completed, and completed with excellence! Take a look below at the current missions in Peru we are working on!


Samuel and Melissa have been serving the under privileged in various capacities for over a decade in Peru. During this time, they began to see a need to reach those left “in between.” There is often help focused on children, but when these kids reach the age of adulthood there is little focus on preparing them to be successful young adults. Thus, the mission, “Construyendo Bases,” (“Building Foundations”) was born. The focus is to help young adults in this “in-between” phase by creating a space for them to successfully transition into adult life. Making a change in their lives and the lives of future generations.


Peru is still considered to be a developing country, but as it has experienced a decent amount of economic growth in the past few years, it may not necessarily appear that way at a glimpse. As you dive deeper into the day-to-day life here, you will find that a very small portion, mostly those with higher education, have truly benefited from this growth. This is part of what has spurred the start of this further education program, “Construyendo Bases.”

For nearly a decade now, Samuel and Melissa have seen first-hand the struggle that young people who do not have access to guidance and resources face in order to become successful. They have seen the difference that having an education makes on whether people make just a minimum wage ($310 USD /month approximately), or if they make a wage that allows them to truly support family life.


Speaking of wages/expenses, if you are unable to get into a national university (where you do not have to pay much, but the competition is very steep), the average amount ONE person would need to live an average lifestyle and study is around $750 (USD) a month. The extreme difference in those numbers gives a very simplified explanation as to why many are unable to acquire a higher education degree, as there are often many additional factors.


We invite you to come along with us on this journey of changing the opportunities for further education in Peru. Our desire is to not only help young people who come from difficult backgrounds to be able to get an education but that we will be able to create a program that helps them to become well-rounded individuals, who, once they achieve their goals, recognize the importance of being part of giving the same opportunities to further generations.


‍Thank you for your interest in this work and should you have any further questions, we invite you to connect through our contact form.

Image by Annie Spratt




Yesenia is quiet, kind, thoughtful, and creative.


She has always enjoyed all things salon related since she was a little girl and growing up you could often find her doing others’ nails or hair. After finishing high school, she moved to a city about 3 hours from where she grew up, working in order to study at a local beauty school.


Unfortunately, being all by herself in an unknown city proved challenging and she found herself in an unsustainable situation. 

In July 2020, Mission: EDU Peru would officially be launched. Yesenia and Delfina became the first two students to join the program and quickly took advantage of the opportunity to study English.


Because of the restrictions from the Covid-19 pandemic, Yesenia had to wait until August of 2021 to be able to start classes for her chosen career of Professional Makeup Artist. Since starting, she has already passed the nails and hair component of her career track with flying colors and is currently studying makeup. Along with her studies, she has completed her basic-level English courses and is now studying at the intermediate level.


Yesenia is unsure what her future looks like, but she's hoping to own her own salon one day and maybe have a career in special effects makeup!


Emmanuel is hard-working and independent.


Emmanuel grew up on the northern coast of Peru and is the most recent student to join the education program. He was raised by a single mother and at sixteen moved to Lima to try and create a better life for himself—a common trend for most Peruvian young adults. He attended university on a a one-year technical scholarship because of his good high school grades but after the first year he had no way to pay for the rest of his schooling and was forced to put his plans on hold.


Samuel and Melissa met Emmanuel a couple of years ago at a local church they were helping at and started to get to know him. When a new spot opened up this past year to bring in another student to the EDU program, Emmanuel decided to apply and he accepted the invitation to join!


In June 2021, he jumped in feet first and quickly got to work making a space for himself and helping around the home. He is currently in his first semester of classes studying Business Management with a focus in Human Resources. Upon graduating he wants to affect positive change in the workplace environment in Peru. 



Delfina is wise beyond her years.


Delfina spent most of her childhood years in the jungle region of Peru, in a small farming community. Her mother passed away when she was very young, and her older brother became her caretaker. But because she was so young, at the age of eleven, Delfina entered an orphanage where she lived until she finished high school. After graduating she then set out on her own, working odd jobs trying to find her way in life without a set direction, which is a difficult task for many young adults.

After a few years she came in contact with Melissa and Samuel, when after hearing her situation, were compelled to help her in some way. And little did they know, in July 2020, Mission: EDU Peru would officially be launched. Delfina and Yesenia became the first two students to join the program and quickly took advantage of the opportunity to study English.


Because of the restrictions from the Covid-19 pandemic, Delfina had to wait until August of 2021 to be able to start classes for her chosen career of Psychology. She's finished her basic-level English classes and is currently working through her 3rd semester. Studying can be challenging at times, but she has been working hard to get good grades and is enjoying her psychology classes.


She is not 100% sure how she plans on using her degree in the future, but she is excited for the experiences that she is gaining and looks forward to help many people in through her profession.


Are You Ready To Make A Difference In Peru?

$35 a month is all it takes to support an entire day of a student’s livelihood in Peru. Education, supplies, room and board, transportation, food, and access to healthcare are all included in the cost to ensure that our students have what they need to be successful.

Our goal is to fill this entire calendar with people who have decided to partner with us for a day, 2 days, or even a week every month to make a difference in the lives of the young people in Peru.


When you pick one day, every month to bless a student, and we will send you special updates and let you know how your generosity is impacting our students’ lives.

When you choose to support The Mission Co and Mission Peru, you're changing in their lives and the lives of future generations.

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