The Mission Co. is a non-profit missions organization in Pittsburgh, PA, founded by Mike and Ariana Rebich.

Meet Mike and Ariana Rebich, the founders of The Mission Co.! They have the coolest little boy named Michael, and they are Pittsburgh natives.  Before Ariana and Mike ever met each other, they had both been involved in working on the behalf of others.  Ariana had traveled to Africa working with kids, Mike had been to Honduras and Mexico, and both had been involved here in the United States.  After meeting in 2008 they continued to travel and work together to help those less fortunate.  Seeing and being a part of life change was addicting to them.  

Much of that time was spent in other countries building churches, homes for children, schools and digging water wells; as well as humanitarian aid along the gulf coast here in the USA. In 2018, they made the move back to their hometown and decided it was time to turn a lifelong dream and calling into a reality. In January 2020 The Mission Co. officially launched.  The Rebich family has big plans for the future of The Mission Co.—but in the meantime, they will continue changing the world one Mission at a time.

After years of working with non-profits, Mike and Ari noticed that there was a missing link between resources and those in need of those resources. This observation soon became a burden and the reason why The Mission Co. exists today. The main goal of The Mission Co. is to serve as that missing link and connect suppliers to communities in need. There are so many people who have generous hearts and want to make a difference in communities here in Pittsburgh and around the world, but knowing how to do that is sometimes difficult. The Mission Co.’s goal is to span that gap from generous partners, to real people with real needs both locally and globally.

We feel now, that there is a space for us to be and operate in both the local and international communities.  There are areas that need someone to connect the generous hearts of people to other people and communities in need.


We believe that when you donate toward our projects, it is our job to provide you with TRANSPARENCY. We want everything we do to be transparent—from financial accountability, to why we do projects, to the degree of success of each project. INTEGRITY means doing the right thing in a reliable way. This guides our decision making in everything we do—is it right, and is it reliable? Lastly, we don’t want to simply “get the job done”, we want to do it well and with EXCELLENCE. We want you, the donor, to be proud to say that you support the work of The Mission Co!


At The Mission Co., our desire is to identify and address the ongoing needs of our local, national and international communities. Our heart and goal for our non-profit is to be an organization you can TRUST with your generosity as we connect you to the real needs in our world and work together to see lives changed in a real, tangible way.


Here at The Mission Co, we want to create a culture of storytelling and connect you to the voices of the people we serve. Like the young people in Peru who have a better quality of life because of the education you helped them receive. Or the single mom with entrepreneurial dreams that we helped create a hope and a future for. Even the college students here in the U.S. that we help by providing an atmosphere of true help, support, and life change on their campus. We want to tell the stories of people whose lives are completely and radically changed for the better because you chose to invest in them.