There are dual sides to every successful Mission - the Supply and the Missionary. Individually, they each hold value, but combined, their influence and reach multiplies.  Our monthly donors generously provide support known as The Supply, which allows our teams to continue the boots-on-the-ground response to local and global need.  Choosing to give financially toward The Supply, at any level, makes you a significant part of the advancement of meaningful service across the world.

We believe that joining The Supply should not just be another line item on your credit card statement, but it should be a community where you belong.  A community of like-minded, generous individuals who believe they have the ability to change someone’s life.  And from our side, it means we have a community of people waiting to read stories, see videos and stay closely tied to what your donations are doing across the globe.  

Joining The Supply means you will be added to our communications specifically meant for that community.  We want to provide you with regular updates from all of our Missions and Missionaries, showing you that multiplication of influence and reach that is changing the lives of others.  

If you made the decision to be a part of The Supply, thank you! We invite you to join our members only Facebook group. Click the link below to join us!
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