I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word “project,” I think of some things around the house that I may or may not get done this weekend. We want to take a more serious approach to the things that we decide to tackle as an organization. It is truly our “Mission” to see them completed, and completed with excellence! Take a look below at the current missions we are working on!

Samuel and Melissa Bardales Program Directors

Samuel and Melissa have been missionaries for over 8 years now in the country of Peru in various capacities. During this time, while serving with Matthew 25 International, they began to see a need to reach those left “in between.” Which means that there is often help focused on children, but when they reach the age of adulthood, there is little focus on giving them bases, as young adults, to be successful in this new stage of their life. Thus, the mission, “Construyendo Bases,” (“Building Foundations” in English) was born. The focus is to help young adults who are in this in between phase by giving them the bases that they need to successfully transition into adult life. They are excited for the opportunity to direct this program and hope to make a change in the lives of future generations.


Peru is still considered to be a developing country, but as it has experienced a decent amount of economic growth in the past few years, it may not necessarily appear that way at a glimpse. As you dive deeper into the day to day life here, you find that a very small portion of the population has truly benefited from this growth, most of those with higher education degrees, while the majority are stuck struggling to survive on a daily basis. This is part of what has spurred the start of this further education program, “Construyendo Bases.”

For nearly a decade now, Samuel and Melissa have seen, first-hand, the struggle that young people, who do not have access to guidance and resources, face in order to become successful in the current system for education that is in place. They have seen the difference that having an education makes on whether people make just a minimum wage ($310 USD /month approximately), or if they make a wage that allows them to truly support family life. Speaking of wages/expenses, if you are unable to get into a national university (where you do not have to pay much, but the competition is very steep), the average amount ONE person would need to live an average lifestyle and study is around $750 (USD) a month. The extreme difference in those numbers gives a very simplified explanation as to why many are unable to acquire a higher education degree, as there are often many additional factors.

We invite you to come along with us on this journey of changing the opportunities for further education in Peru. Our desire is to not only help young people who come from difficult backgrounds to be able to get an education, but that we will be able to create a program that helps them to become well rounded individuals, whom, once they achieve their goals, recognize the importance of being part of giving the same opportunities to further generations.

Thank you for your interest in this work and should you have any further questions, we invite you to engage with us through the contact information throughout The Mission Co.’s website.


Yerson is a bright and energetic young man who finished high school at the Matthew 25 International Children’s Home in Tingo Maria, Peru. There, he discovered his love for cooking while experimenting with different recipes in the kitchen. Yerson made the decision to turn his passion into a career and is now excited to study to become a professional chef. When he isn’t cooking, you can find Yerson playing soccer with his friends in his free time.

Yesenia is quiet, kind, thoughtful and creative. She finished high school at the Matthew 25 International Children’s Home in Tingo Maria, Peru. Ever since she was a little girl, she loved doing nails and hair, and now she is studying to become a professional makeup artist. Yesenia’s childhood dream is becoming a reality.

Delfina is wise beyond her years. At just 22 years old, she finished high school at the Matthew 25 International Children’s Home in Tingo Maria, Peru, served in the children’s home for a period of time, and has worked several different jobs in different regions of Peru. As a result of all of her hard work and experience, she has decided she wants to study international business management. Delfina has big plans for her future, and she hopes to own her own business one day.

Want to help make a difference in Peru?

$35 a month is all it takes to support an entire day of a student’s livelihood in Peru. Education, supplies, room and board, transportation, food and access to healthcare are all included in the cost to ensure that our students have what they need to be successful.

You can pick just one day every month to bless a student, and we will send you special updates and let you know how your generosity is impacting our students’ lives.

Our goal is to fill this entire calendar with people who have decided to partner with us for a day, 2 days, or even a week every month to make a difference in the lives of the young people in Peru. We will keep you updated on our progress as this calendar fills up.

Click a link below to make a monthly or one time donation. Be sure to write Mission Edu in the memo line. If you would like to sign up for a specific day(s)/week every month, you can include that in the memo line as well.

Mission Edu, Day 7
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Mission Edu, Week 1


Our Mission: EDU team has moved into our brand new house in Peru! This home will serve as office, living and classroom space for our students and directors, so there are a handful of items we still need in order to make this new space functional. We would be so honored if you would consider partnering with us in any way that you can.

Be sure to include Mission: EDU in the memo line. If you would like to donate towards a specific item, you can specify that in the memo line as well. Thank you!